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In-Home Consultation

A CNB Representative visits your home and assesses the project. We will take rough measurements and pictures, so we can write a more accurate quote. At the same time, we will answer any questions you may have and discuss some budgetary numbers.

Compile Estimate

CNB will take the information discussed and work to prepare a detailed estimate. We will most likely exchange feedback and revisions via email to get the project just right for you. This can take up to a week. Once this is done we will provide a realistic price within your budget.  Once an agreement has been reached we can start planning.

Planning Begins: A deposit of 50% will be collected.
You will be provided with information and worksheets to make any design selections. If you have any photos of how you would like the finished project to look, please provide them now. CNB will organize all information needed to obtain a building permit. Permits can take up to two weeks. Once the permit is issued a project start date will be confirmed.
Pre-Construction Conference
All material will be selected and ordered at this time to prevent delays. We make sure everything is ordered and, in our warehouse, before we open up your space. This means less time that your home is under construction and a more efficient construction process for CNB.
Project Begins
CNB will coordinate all employees or trades to be used on your project. We will also contact and meet with all Building Officials (inspectors) for each required inspection and quality control. During the building process all employees and trades are required to maintain a clean job site for safety and respect to the homeowner living conditions.
Typical Project Timelines

Bathroom Remodel: 3-4 weeks

Kitchen Remodel: 8-10 weeks

Additions and Larger Projects: 8-12 weeks depending on permits, add-on’s etc

Any Change Orders or add-on’s will require a new contract and new down-payment.

Post Construction

 Walk through your project and make a list of necessary adjustments, known as a punch list. If you’re unsure about something, ask us if it is normal. It’s best that this is brought up during the final stages of the project not after it is complete.

After we have completed your project, we schedule a meeting to review the process and project. We truly want to know our clients’ opinion, what works and how we can improve. We will collect the final payment at this meeting.

Warranty: CNB Remodeling Warranty Statement

CNB warranties all labor in its contract work with homeowner to be free from defects in workmanship for a period of one year.  The warranty begins on the date of job completion.  The warranty period will not extend past the 1year period.

The warranty is strictly limited to contract work performed by CNB or its subcontractors expressly for the owner.  In addition, this warranty shall not apply to any appliances or fixtures installed by CNB, although Company shall assign and transfer any applicable manufactures’ warranties to owner upon request.

To enforce the rights under this warranty, the owner should notify Company in writing preferably email in detail of the specific item or items which are believed to be covered by this warranty.  Company shall respond to such warranty requests within three business days of receipt of the same.  Any emergency requests will be given immediate attention.  If Company finds its reasonable judgement that the item or items requiring attention are covered by this warranty, it will promptly proceed such repairs or replace defective materials or workmanship, at its sole cost and expense, except to the extent it finds that such repairs have been made necessary by the negligence or intentional misconduct of the owner, or any party or parties associated with the owner.

This warranty shall be void and shall not apply to any materials which were originally installed by the Company, but which were subsequently repaired, adjusted, or modified by an individual or entity other than Company or its authorized representatives.

Neither the sales personnel of CNB nor any other person authorized to make any warranties other than those described above to extend the duration of any warranties beyond the time period described above.


Any portion of the contract that can be deemed unenforceable can be severed from the total agreement.

By approving this quote, you understand and agree not to effect any side arrangement or separate Contracts with any of Clean ‘N Brite’s employees, vendors, or subcontractors performing work on this job, for additional work on this or any other job for a period of at least one year following the completion of this job, except as provided by agreement with Clean ‘N Brite pursuant to the terms of this Contract.

Any such agreement must be approved by Clean ‘N Brite prior to such agreement or Contract in writing. If a separate agreement is made between the Owner(s) and others, the Owner(s) may not hold Clean ‘N Brite responsible for the quality of workmanship and materials utilized by these persons, or their time schedule or job cleanliness.