Garage Design Idea Makeovers to Make Space!

May 24, 2022

Garage Design Idea Makeovers to Make Space!

For some of us, the garage is kind of like that closet that you don’t want to open. You know, the one where you peek it open with your hand while kicking back the excess with your foot? A garage is a great addition to house everything from plastic bins full of kids’ clothes to your big boy toys, but not if it isn’t functional, it is packed to the rim, or it simply is not working for you as a storage space of any kind. Fear not, revamping your garage space is easy and economical when you choose the right plan along with the right contractor. These are just some garage design ideas to inspire your garage space-finder makeover.

Workshop for Success

One thing that most of us learned during the COVID shutdowns is that it can be difficult to find a quiet space at home to work. Whether your remote working has become your new working situation or you just want a place to sit and do your best thinking, carving out a little bit of space in your garage to set up shop is an excellent way to escape the kids and chaos. Simply add a desk, and some whiteboards for inspiration, and get organized. Built-ins are also a must to keep everything in its place and so that there is a place for everything!

Extra Money Maker

The rental and vacation market is on-fire, especially here in the South. If you want to earn some extra money, consider converting your garage into a room to rent. As housing conditions and inventory continue to get scarce, having a place that you can rent to earn money is an excellent way to sack away some cash for a rainy door. Or, use the garage unit rental to pay off your monthly expenses and live rent-free!

Storage Heaven

A garage makes a great space to house things that you don’t need in the here and now. Most of us in the South are sans basement, or our basements are too crusty, musty, and dusty to consider putting our valuables down below. Transform your garage to an epicenter of bin holders, and plastic container shelves, and add some hooks to hang things for good measure. The key is to do some really good measuring so that you can make the absolute most of the space that you have!

Equipment Galore

If there is one thing that we love about living in Augusta, Georgia it is the beautiful blooming that goes on from summer to summer. If you are tired of picking up old rusted garden equipment or replacing it seasonally, keep better tabs on it by storing it in your climate-controlled garage. Make a whole wall full of bins to keep what can be hung, hung, and then use outdoor storage benches to put away your outdoor pillows so they don’t sit outside gathering mold and mildew. An ounce of prevention is better than the money to continually replace what you didn’t take care of!

Expand the Pantry

You don’t have to go all survival mode to want to stock up on food. After the COVID shortage due to supply chain issues, it is a smart idea to anticipate the worst and expect the best, food supply-wise. Your garage is a great place to store your perishable items like canned soups, paper towels, and all of those condiments that don’t need to be refrigerated but also, don’t need to take up room in your home pantry.

Store Your Fun Juice

If you fix up your garage to make it more sightly, you can have it double as your entertaining space. And what does all good entertainment need? Spirits of course! Turn your garage into your hangout and add a bar complete with a wet element so that you can not only serve drinks up, you can wash the glasses to refill too. Add a slushie or margarita machine, and you will have the best time ever. Your garage doesn’t have to house your toys, it can entertain the masses instead.

Mud Room Without Mud

If you have a busy front entryway like most of us, walking into the door past the sea of backpacks, shoes, and jackets can feel like navigating the jungle. Turn your garage into the mudroom and have everything where you need it to grab and go. You won’t have to yell “get your shoes” as you walk out the door. They will be conveniently waiting for you next to the car for a quick getaway!

Home Theater

One thing that we all missed during the pandemic was going to the movie theater. But now that you can return, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to sit next to a stranger chomping on popcorn and checking their Snapchat mid-feature. The garage is just darkly lit enough to convert it to your home movie theater. On a Friday, put the kids to bed and enjoy a blockbuster feature, just the two of you. There’s no need for a babysitter, you’re home, technically just not available.

If your garage has become nothing more than oil stains and rusty equipment, it is time to revamp, repurpose, and reinvent the space to be something that you can enjoy. Your car will be fine outdoors, and think about all the great additional space you can gain by doing a garage makeover to make the best use of the space you have! At Clean ’n’ Brite, we are experts at conversion and taking your wasted space and making it anything but a waste. Contact us today and let’s notch out a little room for what you really need in your one or two-car garage today with these garage design ideas or one of your own!

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