Home Improvement Tips to Save You Money This Summer

June 22, 2022

As the summer rages on, things are starting to heat up! If there is one time of year that homeowners really appreciate energy-efficient tips, summertime is it. There are some things that you can do to keep your home cool during the scorching heat. These simple tips will help you to keep it cool as temperatures soar in the Augusta area.

Insulating and High LRV Paints

Most paint descriptions include an LRV (Light Reflectance Value). This is a number that gives the reflective properties of the paint’s color. When choosing interior and exterior paint, it can help to choose a product that works to keep your home cooler during the summer months. A high LRV can help to reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them, which means that your air conditioner will have to work less. The values of LRV can be anywhere from five to 95. Choose a higher number for more reflective properties.

Some paints have insulating capabilities. Although the jury is still out about how much they actually help, some studies indicate that they might help to reduce your energy needs by as much as 20%. Although they only work when there is direct sunlight on them, every little bit helps!

A Light-Colored Roof Will Help!

The color of your roof does matter when it comes to heat absorption. Light-colored roofing material will help to keep internal temperatures cooler. According to the EPA, highly reflective roof colors might help to keep the roof 60 degrees cooler than if you choose a darker color. That can lead to some significant savings during the hot weather months.

Awnings Help!

All the little things you do add up, and awnings are just another cool addition. Add awnings to the south- or west-facing windows and doors to provide more shade. Newer awning options help to keep things cool while reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth, which has traditionally been a problem in the South. 

Flooring Options

Carpeting is often the preferred choice for people looking to make a room warmer during the winter months. The problem is that during the summer, it can still lead to heat. For south-facing rooms, hardwood or tile flooring is a better option to keep things cool. If you want to use area rugs, choose grasses, wool, or bamboo. Wool is a good option because it handles humidity better than other rug materials.

Cool Light Strategies Are a Must

LED lights are a better option than CFLs. Always pay attention to Energy Star products when choosing your interior lighting. Do an audit of your home and switch out any hot-burning bulbs to reduce the overall temperature indoors.

Ceiling Fans Help Immensely

Fans work by cooling down the surface of your skin so that you feel cooler. Although a ceiling fan might not reduce humidity, it will definitely make you feel cooler! And you can change the direction of the fan so that it is useful during the winter months by pulling cold air upwards.

Insulate Doors and Windows

As much as your doors and windows need to be shored up during the winter months to keep cold air out, they should likewise be insulated during the summer months to keep the cold air in. Also, upgrading your windows and doors will help to cool things down, or consider installing shutters or adding storm doors to keep the cool in and the hot out.

Window Coverings Aren’t Just About Aesthetics

Window coverings are a great way to enjoy the privacy of your home, but they also work to keep your home cool. By blocking radiant heat, you can enhance your energy efficiency! They also work to protect your furniture from fading and ultraviolet damage. 

As summer heats up in the Augusta area, cooling things down will become an issue. Every little bit helps when it comes to keeping things cool. Try these quick hot-weather hacks to be more comfortable at home while reducing your energy costs. Contact Clean ’n’ Brite today and let us evaluate your cool factor so we can help to reduce your energy costs year-round.

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