Hire a Remodeling Contractor Who Pulls Permits Instead of Leaving Fate to Chance!

November 19, 2020

When it comes to construction, there are a lot of legal things that need to happen behind the scenes. And if you are not a professional or expert in the field, it can be easy to miss something. And when you do, get into a lot of trouble. When hiring a remodeling contractor, find someone who takes care of all the details from start to finish. Those details include the permits. If they don’t, there is no one policing whether things are done to code or industry standard. It is imperative for your safety and investment to hire a contractor who pulls permits.

Why You Should Hire a Contractor who Pulls Permits

Only a licensed contractor can pull a permit in the state of Georgia. That is because they are trained and licensed to do remodeling work according to the law and standards of safety. Things like having the right amount of smoke detectors and surge protector outlets near water are all things that someone who doesn’t have the training might miss. And it is all those little details that you probably don’t know about that keep you and your family safe. 

Currently, we are working on a bathroom remodel and the homeowner did not want to replace their windows. When the first inspection was done, however, the inspector noted that the windows were not tempered glass. And since tempered glass is required, it needed to be replaced. Tempered glass windows are required within a certain distance of the shower, due to the safety of shattered glass due to a storm or something else breaking the glass. Unfortunately, since we aren’t inspectors, we might not have added that to the estimate cost. But fortunately, the inspector caught it. And he made sure to protect our client from a mishap due to not following a code issue.

Doing it Correctly Might Cost More

Don’t get us wrong, we understand that things are expensive, and you want to reduce or eliminate costs when possible. And as a company, we always seek to provide a cost-effective and lasting solution, but always with safety in mind. If you hire a contractor who isn’t licensed and doesn’t pull permits, then something as small as a non tempered window that you think you are saving money on, could be your biggest nightmare if not spotted and hurts someone.

Pulling permits, obtaining the proper licensing, and insurance are all very significant expenses for contractors. And if you don’t have them, then you can incur expensive fines for non-compliance. Only a licensed professional can make sure that the job is done correctly. And they are also the only ones who can pull permits and pass the required expenses. Once more, if a contractor doesn’t have the proper insurance and one of his employees gets hurt while working in your home, then the expense for their injuries can befall you, the homeowner.

Lessons Learned

What we want you to take from our lessons learned is that although we are experts in the building industry, and wanted to follow the directions of our customer, in the end, it wouldn’t have saved them anything. In fact, the small cost savings could have either put their family in jeopardy or cost a whole lot more to rip out and do again when found. If you are going to invest in a remodeling project, spend more to find a reputable company who not only does; but can order for a professional inspection to ensure that things are done to code and properly.

At Clean ’n Brite, we are fully licensed and pull permits not because we don’t know what we are doing, but because we believe that an extra set of eyes is warranted for your greatest asset. Contact us today and know that whatever project we begin, it will end with perfection and safety first. 

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