What to do – Move or Hire a Renovation Contractor? Five Reasons to Stay Put!

June 17, 2020

There comes a time in the lives of many homeowners when they ask themselves whether it is better to renovate or to move. With the spring market upon us, many of you are probably wondering what is the better choice both financially and emotionally. When you find your home no longer suits your needs, but you love the location where you live, finding a home renovation contractor might be a perfect choice. Let’s face it, finding a dream home, is rarely anything short of a house-hunting nightmare. And in the end, you will probably have to make changes to any home you find it makes it suitable for you. For most, it makes much more sense to stay put and make your home what you want. These are just five good reasons to choose to renovate versus move.

1. House-Hunting is a Nightmare

Remember how long it took you to find your current home? House-hunting might seem like fun right now, but that is only because you aren’t doing it. And all those homes out there that you are dreaming will be a perfect fit, will likely need work done too. So, doesn’t it make more sense to stay and hire a renovation contractor to make your home exactly as you want? Skip the house search to find your dream home and make your current residence a dream!

2. Refinance Rates are Historically Low!

Although COVID-19 has done a lot of damage to many household’s overall incomes, there was one good thing that came from it – lower mortgage rates. Instead of taking on a bigger mortgage or starting over, why not refinance your home and complete all the work required? With rates so low, there is a good chance you can refi your home and get the money necessary to hire a renovation contractor without your monthly payments increasing. Never before has it made more financial sense to make the changes to your existing home.

3. You Know What You’re Getting Into

Unfortunately, every home is going to have its issues. In a way, buying someone else’s home is like purchasing their car – you never know what is going on under the hood. Why take on someone else’s house problems when you know exactly what you have with your current house. When you renovate your home, you know what you are getting into. And once it is all said and done you know that it will be exactly as you want it. Sometimes you have to live in a house to know what works and what doesn’t. Since you already know what is not working in your current home, fix it, and be done!

4. You’ve Got Some Time on Your Hands

Due to COVID-19, a lot more people are working from home. For many homeowners who were worried about not being able to oversee construction, those worries are gone. If you hire a renovation contractor, you can be there to see how things are progressing and to make sure that things are getting done as you want them. Having the luxury of watching over your renovation project is a huge advantage, so take advantage of it while you can.

5. Your Family has Roots

As families grow, sometimes their needs change. But that doesn’t mean that you are ready to give up the location that you have grown roots in. If you love your neighborhood and area, the good news is you don’t have to move along. Since in the real estate industry it is all about location, location, location, stay at the same location, just renovate your home to make it suit your growing needs.

With the spring market in full swing, many homeowners are asking themselves whether they should renovate their existing home or trade-in for new. If you have established roots and enjoy your location, then don’t chance buying another home and starting over. Now is a perfect time to hire a renovation contractor like Clean ’n Brite to make your home the dream you have always wanted. And also to avoid the nightmare of house-hunting and moving. Contact us today to discuss your home renovation project.

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