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Why Clean ’N Brite? Looking for Quality Carpenters for Hire

August 11, 2020

Well, the good news is that our business is booming more than ever before, which we have the quality and care of our staff to thank for. The bad news is that we are having a hard time keeping up with the demands we are facing. And although that bad news is not so bad, it is putting us in a position to look for quality carpenters for hire to join our growing and expanding team.

If you are someone who has a proven record of being able to stay on task, be dependable, and provide high-quality work, then we can promise you the same. At Clean ’N Brite we are committed not only to offering our customers the very best, we are also committed to giving the members of our staff the same.

Looking for Carpenters for Hire? Why Clean ’n Brite

Clean ‘N Brite is a family-owned and operated business that has serviced the Augusta and surrounding areas for over thirty years. We specialize in both large and small-scale home maintenance projects and services like high-end pressure washing. My husband Craig and I have built a business that is based on integrity, honesty, and full transparency.

And we expect not just the right certifications from their contractors, but also the highest quality workmanship in the industry. Sometimes in the construction business, it can feel like you spend more time either chasing jobs or chasing payments when you would rather be focusing on what you love most, carpentry. When you work for Clean ‘N Brite, we take care of the logistics while you do what you do best.

Where we Differ

Unlike handyman services, we don’t just look for odd jobs to get us from day-to-day. We are a fully licensed and insured home remodeling service that, on any given day, has a vast number of projects in the works. What we can offer is very little down-time, steady work, and a family atmosphere where we understand that our carpenters have a life outside of work.

At Clean ‘N Brite, we like to keep things on-time and on-budget so that you know exactly what your role, your time-frame, and your responsibilities are. We understand that skilled carpenters are not easy to come by, and that is why we value each person who rolls up their sleeves and goes the extra mile to be an integral part of our team.

We Want to Hear From you

When you join our staff, that means you are an important team member, and we value your thoughts and opinions. We are looking for people who can think outside the box to find the best and most lasting solutions to carpentry problems. Our mission is to invest in you so that we can work as a team to grow, expand, and become as successful as possible. That way, everyone benefits!

If you are a trained carpenter who is looking for a steady position where you have flexibility, the utmost respect, and endless possibilities for growth, then Clean ’N Brite is where you belong. We are always looking for talented carpenters for hire! Contact us today to discuss how we can partner to do some really great things!

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